Employee Spotlight: Wayne from Greenwood

How long have you worked for HotBox? I’ve been with HotBox for almost 4 years.

Tell us your work history… I started out as a weekend delivery driver and then slowly started training in other departments. Now, I’m a shift manager.

Favorite HotBox Pizza? Chicken Ranch with buffalo sauce and banana peppers.

Favorite restaurant? Tuscanoes (except I don’t like the drive)

Favorite thing to do outside of work? I enjoy movies and bowling.

Weird fact? I enjoy Halloween more than Christmas.

Tell us something random… I have a 200+ bowling average.

Favorite movie? I have lots to I’ll just do the last movie I saw… Suicide Squad

Tell us about yourself… My hobbies change all the time. The only thing consistent is keeping up with my kids and their sports. In the next year I plan to… play it by ear!

Top 3 Netflix Series… Not really a Netflix guy, but I do watch Walking Dead.

Employee Spotlight: Suz from Downtown

How long have you worked for HotBox? I have worked here since November.

Tell us your work history…I do marketing for the downtown store. I started working for HotBox because I had a friend who worked there and she thought I would be a good fit.

Favorite restaurant? Ripple Bagel Deli

Favorite HotBox Pizza? Chicken Ranch.

Favorite thing to do outside of work? I like to exercise and hang out with my friends. I probably shouldn’t say what I really like to do outside of work lol.

Fun fact? One of my Amish friends taught me how to drive a horse and buggy.

Favorite movie? Talladega Nights

Top 3 Netflix Series…
1. Gossip Girl
2. New Girl
3. Property Brothers

Tell us something about yourself… I enjoy crafting and going to concerts. I probably spend the most time traveling; I’m always going somewhere. My plans for the next year are to have a strong junior year and to make the dean’s list both semesters.

Employee Spotlight: Ashley from Castleton

How long have you worked for HotBox? Since November ’15.

Tell us your work history… My first job was at Papa John’s. I was there for awhile, learned to do all the things. Then, I switched out of pizza for Jimmy John’s. I tried a call center for a few months. Worst. Idea. Ever. So now I’m back to pizza. HotBox is the tastiest place I’ve worked, though! 🙂

Favorite restaurant? It’s a tie between Yats and Watami All You Can Eat Sushi.

Favorite HotBox Pizza? Chicken Ranch on red. The Chicken Not-Ranch.

Favorite thing to do outside of work? Pretend to do things outside of work.

Fun fact? I don’t speak French, and my family doesn’t speak English. Why I took Japanese is beyond me.

Favorite movie? The Forgotten.. I know. It’s weird.

Top 3 Netflix Series…
1. Daredevil
2. Criminal Minds
3. Archer

Tell us something random… My dream place to live is Asheville, North Carolina!

Tell us something about yourself… I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with smiley faces and Game of Thrones, which those of you who watch it know those are pretty much polar opposites. I’m the least graceful person I know and in a year I would love to find myself out in Asheville working with the horses at Biltmore Estate, but I’m totally OK with it taking 5. Maybe.

Deal Day 2016

Deal Day is back and better than ever! The Deal is already awesome, but for only $12, it’s even awesome…er? With a large pie (cheese or pepperoni only), Stix, and 2 drinks ( keep that cup collection growing), you can:

a) Feed your whole family

b) Impress your friends when you tell them, “I’m buying”

c) Treat yourself to a special date night of binge watching Netflix and enjoying an entire Deal by yourself

All for JUST 12 DOLLARS!

Stop by or call your local HotBox on  Wednesday (Best Hump Day ever, right?),  July 27th from  11 am – 8 pmto get your Deal.* We’ll be waiting.


* Deal Day is good for cheese or pepperoni pizza only. Limit 2 per customer. While supplies last. Preorders not available.

Employee Spotlight: Lena from Westfield

How long have you worked for HotBox? Almost 2 years.

Tell us your work history…I’ve done a little bit of everything! Started as a driver, became a cashier when my old car died, moved forward into management, and now training.

Favorite HotBox Pizza? It’s been the Eve’s Garden or the Spring Pie (no chorizo, add onion) the past few weeks, but I’ve had a fling with each one.

Favorite thing to do outside of work? I dabble in so many hobbies, it’s getting ridiculous. Art, reading, video games (mostly rpg’s), cosplay, astrology/astronomy, book binding, baking, mixology, it goes on.

Fun fact?I haven’t had my hair fully its natural color since I was 13! Currently blue, but it’s been every hue of the rainbow.

Favorite movie? Anything by Studio Ghibli

Top 3 Netflix Series…
1. Futurama
2. New Girl
3. Friends

Tell us something random… Welch’s apple juice contains concentrate from Chile, China, and Argentina.

Tell us something about yourself… Besides working, I spend time starting video games or books and never finishing them. I plan to go back to Bloomington and finish my degree in Anthropology/Linguistics and teach English abroad.

Employee Spotlight: Kevin from Brownsburg

How long have you worked for HotBox? I have worked for HotBox since Brownsburg opened in December.

Tell us your work history… I started out as a front counter person, and after about two months I became a shift manager in February!

What’s your favorite restaurant? My favorite restaurant is The Old Spaghetti Factory downtown – great atmosphere excellent service, and the Brown Butter & Mizithra Cheese Spaghetti. Yum.

Favorite HotBox Pizza? The Chicken Ranch on Hippie with extra bacon.

Favorite thing to do outside of work? I’m a huge book junkie. I’m in the middle of reading Harry Potter, The Flame Alphabet, & A Long Way Home. I love days when I get to stay in my pjs and read all day.

Fun fact? I have a small collection of elephant figures from around the world from Honduras, Guatemala, & Barcelona.

Favorite movie? The Great Gatsby.

Top 3 Netflix Series…

1. Friends
2. Arrested Development
3. House of Cards

Tell us something random… I’m student teaching in a 3rd grade classroom. When we learned about fractions, I did a project with HotBox pizza and they figured how many pieces of pizza we needed, what size we should get, the cost, & how to raise money for our pizza party. It was awesome!

Employee Spotlight: Colbie from Broad Ripple

How long have you worked for HotBox? I’ve worked at HotBox for a year and a couple months now.

Tell us your work history… Before HotBox I was a babysitter. I wanted more money, and I knew I wanted to work in Broad Ripple. So, I went in and got the job on my second interview. I work the counter, make pizzas, and do a little bit of everything.

What’s your favorite restaurant? Five Guys, Thai Café, and Taco and Burrito Place on Keystone and 38th Street

Favorite HotBox Pizza? It has to be the Dixie.

Favorite thing to do outside of work?   I love being outside, hanging out with friends, going to the movies, regular teen things, and eating, of course.

Fun fact? I hate anything scary. You couldn’t pay me 100 dollars to watch a scary movie or go to a haunted house.

Favorite movie? Leon the Professional, Kill Bill, West Side Story, Spirited Away

Top 3 Netflix Series…

  1. A Different World
  2. Malcolm in the Middle
  3. Bernie Mac Show

Tell us something random… I don’t have “favorites”. I’m a Libra, so I can’t decide on just one or a couple of things. All of my favorites on here are actually followed by about 20 more honestly.

What are your plans for the next year? Hopefully, get accepted into colleges in Chicago or Atlanta, some big city far from Indy. This summer I’m going to be training to be a shift manager at work, go to NYC to see my sister, and it’ll be my first summer with my car so I plan on never being home!


$1 Slice Day!


Everyone’s favorite day is fast approaching. 4/20 is $1 slice day at HotBox. A day to feed your munchies while saving some green. This isn’t some trick of smoke and mirrors, it’s the real deal. Huge slices of Cheese or Pepperoni pizza, freshly baked for only $1. So buzz on by between 11am -4pm to grab your slice. Happy 4/20!

Avoid Separation Anxiety!

Heading out for Spring Break? Don’t think you can live without HotBox for the week? Take us with you. Grab your cup as you venture off into the wilderness, beach, your mom’s couch… Wherever you are, snap a pic with your cup and send it to us. We’ll pick one grand prize winner who will receive one FREE deal a month for an entire year! That’s 12 Free deals! Email [email protected] or contact us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to enter today! All entries are due by April 25th. Just think, it could be you!

The Loner.

Alone on Valentine’s Day? Nobody to give you flowers or candy? That’s ok, we are here for you and we have just what you need: “The Loner.” It’s a small one-topping pizza for $6.99. This is for those of us who are courageous enough to rebel against the conventional greeting card holidays. This is for those of us who prefer to protest against grotesque public displays of affection by boycotting fictitious holidays. This is for those of us who prefer to have high standards rather than settle for mediocrity. Yes my friends, we are not alone on Valentine’s Day. We are united in independence. At HotBox, we prefer to celebrate you and your uniqueness on February 14. We love you, even if nobody else does.