It’s your year. It’s your Gen Con. Why not make it your HotBox Pie, too?

Yep, it’s that time again to submit your ideas for HotBox’s BYOP (Build Your Own Pie) contest. There’s gonna be endless, tasty dream-pies that will be near impossible to choose from, but let’s be real, there can only be one winner. This lucky human will get to enjoy 1 slice, 1 walking stix, and a soda/water at the HotBox Pizza Tent at Gen Con THREE TIMES a day for the ENTIRETY of Gen Con with NO WAIT. Oh yeah, and we’ll hook you up with a whole mess of HotBox merch. You’ll be a true HotBox VIP.

Think you’ve got what it takes to create a pie that will go down in HotBox history? Fill out the form below and give us your best pie-deas.

Thanks for competing! Before you go, let’s have a quick moment of appreciation for the Pies of Gen Con Past:

eat. sleep. rebel.