We’re expecting the Colts to bring it this year: dubs and pizza deals, that is. When the Colts score, you score 50% off at HotBox Pizza the following Monday.


Every. Single. Week.


That means HotBox Pizza and the Indianapolis Colts have got you covered, Monday after Monday, with that sweet 50% off pizza discount. Go Colts!


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*Discount is only available on menu priced items.


Deal Day is coming on July 19th! From 11 am to 8 pm you can get a Large Cheese or Pepperoni Pie, Stix, and 2 Drinks for only $15. This is really a deal that you won’t want to miss.


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If you plan on spending Valentine’s Day with someone other than HotBox Pizza, this deal isn’t for you. Move along, weirdos.

Other pizza joints are giving out heart-shaped pies to the couples who prefer to “lady and the tramp” a pepp slice. HotBox is here to offer up something special for those of us who know how to eat a pizza: all by your lonesome.

On February 14, snag a one-topping Small Pizza for just $7.99. This one is for all of the independent Loners out there. You know, because we love you, and stuff.

eat. sleep. rebel.

December 1st isn’t just any boring old day. HotBox fanatics know that December 1st means the start of Winter Pie season. This delicious seasonal pie has a creamy Mac & Cheese sauce base with extra Mac sprinkled on top. And of course, Bacon makes everything better, so we added a plentiful dose on top. We combined the best of both worlds to create the ultimate comfort food for those cold winter days. Oh, and don’t forget to add Ranch or Buffalo drizzle on top for just 50¢ extra. Or double the drizzle for $1.00.

eat. sleep. rebel.