National BreadStix Day

This is a day you won’t want to miss. It’s gonna be one of those days where food will be the only thing on your mind that seems to Stix. I mean, stick.

Why, you ask? Because on November 10th we’re celebrating National Breadstix Day the right way by handing out free Stix from 11am to 5pm. No purchase is necessary. That’s right, pick your jaw up off the floor and RSVP for a Facebook reminder so you don’t forget. Then tell everyone you care about. Friends don’t let friends miss out on Free Stix.

In case you’re Facebook-free, mark your calendars on November 10th so you don’t forget to celebrate National Breadstix Day with us. And as always, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok to stay up to date on all our HotBoxy shenanigans.

Can’t wait until the 10th to get your Stix fix? Why wait? Order now.

*Only available at participating locations.

eat. sleep. rebel.

Colts cups are now available in stores!

Drumroll, please…

Some of you guessed it. Some of you were way off. No matter what was going through your head, we’re excited to announce our newest cup design, the Colts cup! Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you probably know that HotBox is now the official pizza of the Indianapolis Colts. What better way to celebrate this iconic Indiana partnership than with an awesome collectible cup?

The Colts cups are already flying off the shelves, so be sure to grab some drinks with your latest HotBox order to get these snazzy collectibles. You can also buy cups without an order for just 75 cents each. Order now before we run out!

*Supplies may vary. Expect select stores to have this release delayed by 7-14 days. Contact your store to check availability.

eat. sleep. rebel.

October is National Pizza Month!

We know our HotBox fam is as excited as us for National Pizza Month. An entire month celebrating delicious carbs? Not sure if it gets much better than that.

Each week we’re coming at you with insane deals that will make your stomach AND wallet happy. We can’t reveal the deals just yet, but make sure to visit our socials every Wednesday to get in on our National Pizza Month offer that week.

Can’t wait until Wednesday to get your pizza fix? Why wait? Order now.

eat. sleep. rebel.