Nobody to shower you in flowers, candy, and oversized teddy bears?
That’s ok, we are here for you and have just what you need.

Meet the Loner,
a small 1-topping pizza for $6.99

This special is for those courageous enough to rebel against the conventional greeting card holidays.
It’s for those of us who prefer to protest against grotesque PDA and boycott fictitious holidays, and for those of us who prefer to have high standards and refuse to settle for mediocrity.

Yes, fellow Loners, we are not alone on Valentine’s Day. In fact, we are united in our independence. At HotBox, we prefer to celebrate you and your uniqueness on February 14th. Next time you’re feeling lonely, just remember this:

We love you for you, even if nobody else does.

(Offer only valid 2/14/17. Limit 3 pies per customer.)