Who’s ready for Gen Con?

HotBox is back as the Official Pizza of Gen Con!

It’s your year, it’s your Gen Con, so why not make your own pie too!



  • We'll only call if you win!
  • Starting with our Old School Crust, what's on it? Don't forget the sauce and cheese! Up to 5 toppings!
  • Drop files here or
    Not required to win.


Let’s be real, only one person will win. Prize will include some HotBox Merch and 1 slice, 1 walking stix, and a soda or water at the HotBox Pizza Tent on Georgia 3X a day for the 4 Days of Gen Con with NO WAIT!  You will be a HotBox VIP!!  But wait, there’s more!


Bragging rights=Priceless.


HotBox reserves the right to modify creations including but not limited to pie names, toppings, and sauces.  Contest ends 5/31/21. Winner will be contacted and announced no later that 8/15/2021.



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