Who’s ready for Gen Con?

HotBox is back as the Official Pizza of Gen Con!

It’s your year, it’s your Gen Con, so why not make your own pie too!




Let’s be real, only one person will win. Prize will include some HotBox Merch and 1 slice, 1 walking stix, and a soda or water at the HotBox Pizza Tent on Georgia 3X a day for the 4 Days of Gen Con with NO WAIT!  You will be a HotBox VIP!!  But wait, there’s more!


Bragging rights=Priceless.


HotBox reserves the right to modify creations including but not limited to pie names, toppings, and sauces.  Contest ends 5/31/21. Winner will be contacted and announced no later that 8/15/2021.



Want to visit pies of Gen Con Past?