POTW – The Dessert

You said you love our Specialty Pies, but you would love them even more if you could get one for ½ off every week.  We listened and gave you The Pie of the Week.  You said you love our Pizzas and Stix, but wanted something sweet from HotBox.  We listened and gave you The Dessert.  You said you love it but wanted it for half-off every now and then.  We pretended to ignore you but eventually we gave in.  The Dessert is now part of the Pie of the Week rotation.  This is your chance to order our cookie, brownie, chocolatey, deliciousness for ½ off.


Password: Chocolate Thunda!
Online Code: POTW

Limit 2 pies per customer per visit.
Live a little- try new things. No substitutions. No additions. Only one deletion, yo.