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NEW – Loaded Cheesestix.

Bacon. Jalapeño. Cheddar. On top of our Cheesestix. If for some reason you aren’t already convinced, imagine this mouthwatering combo dipped in your favorite sauce. I know, we’re drooling too. The new Loaded Cheesestix is available now for only $9.99, and that’s including a side of your favorite sauce. This sick deal is only here […]

Celebrate National Comfort Food Day at HotBox!

Calorie counting? Forget it. Meal plans? No way. Today is National Comfort Food Day, which means it’s your day to indulge. And it’s worth mentioning that pizza is, like, the ultimate comfort food. It’s warm, cheesy, and you usually have the privilege of picking your own toppings. No need to stress about complicated special food […]

Winter Pie is BACK.

December 1st isn’t just any boring old day. HotBox fanatics know that December 1st means the start of Winter Pie season. This delicious seasonal pie has a creamy Mac & Cheese sauce base with extra Mac sprinkled on top. And of course, Bacon makes everything better, so we added a plentiful dose on top. We […]

Cyber Monday Deals? Say Less.

If you’re searching everywhere for the perfect holiday gift, search no more. HotBox Pizza has the perfect gift for literally everyone. Your favorite college student? Pizza. Last-minute gift for a white elephant exchange? Pizza. That family member that already has everything? Pizza. If that pitch hasn’t won you over yet, you haven’t even heard the […]

Colts get a Sack, you get a Sack.

Do you know about our Colts Sack Days? Any time the Colts get a sack during any game this season, you get Free Stix with your purchase the following day! After a long night of football-watching, nothing hits the spot more than HotBox Pizza. Use promo code COLTS when ordering, choose anything your heart desires, […]

Give the gift of Dough.

Picture this: it’s Christmas Eve, or Christmas morning, or your office’s awkward Holiday Party. There are piles of wrapping paper and presents that will be regifted again and again. Then, the gift of the event is unveiled… the gift of Dough. Starting November 11th, get a $5 Bonus Card for every $20 spent in Gift […]

Get ready for a Stix landing. RSVP now.

This is a day you won’t want to miss. It’s gonna be one of those days where food will be the only thing on your mind that seems to Stix. I mean, stick. Why, you ask? Because on November 10th we’re celebrating National Breadstix Day the right way by handing out free Stix from 11am […]

Heads up… our Colts cups just dropped.

Colts cups are now available in stores! Drumroll, please… Some of you guessed it. Some of you were way off. No matter what was going through your head, we’re excited to announce our newest cup design, the Colts cup! Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you probably know that HotBox is now the […]

Celebrate National Pizza Month With Us!

October is National Pizza Month! We know our HotBox fam is as excited as us for National Pizza Month. An entire month celebrating delicious carbs? Not sure if it gets much better than that. Each week we’re coming at you with insane deals that will make your stomach AND wallet happy. We can’t reveal the […]