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POTW – Popeye

Spinach is good for you. Bacon is..well, it’s good. Our Popeye may be able to not help save damsels in distress, but it will save you from pizza mediocrity.

POTW – Summer Pie

The Summer Pie is back to help you beat the heat! With Fresh Basil, Garlic and Tomato on Olive Oil, this light, this light pizza is perfect for those hot summer days. This limited edition pie extra delightful on thin crust!

POTW – Porky the Pie

Vegetarians and Vegans, you’re better off just hitting the back button now. No veggies to be found here! Ok, there’s Red Sauce, but that’s sort of a necessity.

Trust us, this pie is packing some serious meat. Pepperoni, Ham, Sausage, and Bacon unite to form an indestructible tour-de-force of carnivorous deliciousness. And at 50% off, Porky the Pie is worth taking a cheat day this week. We promise.

Summer Pie

This is nacho average taco pizza. It’s more like a nacho-y, melt-in-your-mouth, journey a la centro de delicia. Be sure to try it on thin crust!

$12 Deal Day 2017

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and unless there’s a giveaway involved, they’re probably right. But they never said that there’s no such thing as a $1 lunch. Partially because that’s a horrible saying, but also because it’s simply untrue.